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Back in 1998, before there was electricity, was launched as the first website exclusively for penny stock traders and within a year the website had over 1 million registered users. The website was getting so much traffic we had to continually upgrade our servers to handle the bandwidth. We kept the site open for 12 straight years until summer of 2010 when we decided to close the website to revamp every page there was, and to upgrade the Stock Forums and how they function. Move to present day; We have reopened with much more features for registered users. Our Stock Forums are cleaner, more secure than that of our old forums. All prior users have been deleted and thus, we are starting from scratch, anew.

Penny Picks’ Resources has many resourses for you to use. Below you will find what our website has to offer. Learn about the Penny Stock Forums | Penny Stock Newsletter | Intuitive Articles and much more. Read about the beginning of Penny Picks. Not receiving the Stock Alert Newsletter? Go here.


Stock Forums Stock Forums were first created in 1998. Since then there have been many changes of course. The old message boards were deleted and today we have a more sleek look.

Forum Features

  • User Topics
  • Penny Stock Trading
  • Sector Forums
  • and so much more

Stock Newsletter

Our Stock Newsletter is for those penny stock investors that want potential hot breakout penny stocks. Easy to subscribe – easy to opt-out.

Newsletter Highlights

  • Profiled Stock Alert
  • Critical Website Updates
  • Stock Tips – Make Money


Intuitive Articles

Ever feel like you are lost and dumbfounded on what penny stocks to buy? You’re not alone here. Penny Picks has many portfolio articles that could help you trade penny stocks.

Portfolio Highlights

  • Helpful – Insightful
  • Knowledge Based
  • Lean Prior To Investing
“hmmmm…these penny stocks are a muddled. perplexing conundrum!”

Stock Alerts

Some of you are contacting us on not receiving our Penny Stock Newsletter. When you subscribe to our newsletter you must then check your email and confirm. If you do not see the confirmation email, check your spam/junk folder and select as a safe sender.
If you don’t see it in your spam/junk folder or you don’t see it anywhere, simply Subscribe again or Contact Us here.

Stock Forums

Below is some rules that we want our users t abide by. We created these rules so the stock forums can be a user friendly-learning experience for everyone.

  • No bashing of users
  • No excessive foul language
  • No irrelevant posts
  • No ads – no ads – No ads
  • Have fun

Stock Newsletter

Penny Picks’ Stock Newsletter has been the original penny stock newsletter since 1998. We usually email subscribers about once per week.

  • Hot Stock Alerts
  • Before market opens
  • No spam – ever
  • Easy opt out