Umbrella Stock Portfolio

All your stocks under an umbrella, it’s a safe approach and one that many individual do-it-yourselfers are taken upon themselves.

Party’s Over

penny stocks

A short not-so-fun fact article:
Well, we may have all been there and many of us are still there even still – you know; can’t help yourself from jumping on the bandwagon of that “can’t miss penny stock” (yikes) that’s trading 0 shares just days prior at .05 and only days later it’s at .50 trading 1 million shares.

Short: Kung Fu Ninja Stock Trader

Soooo, are you a stock trading ninja? (Say what now?) You know, you trade stocks in secret, taking out other naive would be penny stock day traders only to slip away silently into the dark…well the dark would have to be your closet unless it happens to be dark during the US Stock Market hours where you are.