Short: What Brand Is In Stock?

Brands that catch on have caught you. Yes, we all have our favorites but what makes them your favorite? Taste? Looks? Feel? Smell? Cost? Of all of those you may be surprise “Cost” is probably the least reason why we continually go back time and time again to the same brand. We our creatures of habit, for sure. And, if we have only tried the generic store brand, just one time, we may have liked it, and we could have saved some pennies, many pennies.

Short: Kung Fu Ninja Stock Trader

Soooo, are you a stock trading ninja? (Say what now?) You know, you trade stocks in secret, taking out other naive would be penny stock day traders only to slip away silently into the dark…well the dark would have to be your closet unless it happens to be dark during the US Stock Market hours where you are.