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Be safe young warrior
Why is SSL important? Good question.  SSL is the backbone for providing a secure Internet. It keeps your sensitive information safe and secure for anything you do on this website or any other with an SSL Certificate. Yes, safe as it is traveling across the globe. But really the main reason why SSL is critical is that it keeps your Internet information and activity encrypted so that only the intended recipient can read and understand it. Critical we say, yes we say, because the information you send, on the Internet, is passed along from computer to computer to computer to computer…well, you get it….. until it reaches its destination server. SO, and a BIG SO, this means that any one of those multitude of computers that is between you and the final destination —- (not to be confused with those Final Destination films..there, we provided a link to them) —- server can boldly see your logins, credit card info when used for an online purchase, usernames and passwords for your email accounts, and  a ton of other information you do, IF it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Again, when an SSL certificate is used by a website (always look for it to the left of the url in your browser), the digital information you send and do becomes unreadable to ALL, EXCEPT for the server you are sending the information to.


So go right ahead, and use our website knowing you will be secure. Chat about those penny stocks in our Stock Forums, join our Penny Stock Newsletter and browse our website, safely.