Penny Stock Alerts via SMS

Stock Alerts via Text Messaging - text OTC to 555-888
Penny Stock investors may now receive our penny stock alerts via text messaging. Usually this mean you will receive our stock alerts much faster than that of email. will send you quick short alerts on our next penny stock alert for you to look into.

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Many times emails just aren’t good enough to receive our penny stock alerts in a timely fashion. With server delays, spam filters and a host of other reasons, text messaging is the best option. Simply text OTC to 555-888 to join our text messaging alerts. We will never blowup your phone and you can easily opt-out anytime by just texting the word STOP.

  • Penny Picks also recommends that you subscribe to our Email Penny Stock Newsletter as well since we send more detailed information besides our penny stock alerts. At times we may alert our subscribers for our stock trading contests, polls, new forums, website updates and much more.
  • What to expect?
    On average about 1x every 10-14 days you will receive our Stock Alerts via text messaging (SMS). These alerts are provided for information only on a potential penny stock that, at your discretion can trade it or not.
Make sure you check your email for our newsletter, if you are not receiving them, check your spam/junk email folder and allow emails to your safe list.