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    Do you know the common mistake that all people made in their Forex trading career? They all think the world is going to end tomorrow. Do not think we are bluffing but it is the truth. Look at their style of trading, the risks they are undertaking and you will know how they invest their money. Career building in Forex is not a quick scheme money but you need to be patient. This market only rewards the people who are patient and trade for a long time. This article will tell you why we have compared growing career with the marathon. What happens in a marathon is known to us. Contestants get in their positions and they have to run for long miles.

    Sometimes they run for hundreds of miles but the people who started early cannot finish the race with a position. They waste all their energy at the beginning and do not have anything left for the end. If you start trading early with big amounts and leverages and setting big position sizes in your career beginning, you cannot sustain the industry. This article will tell you what you can learn from marathon trading to grow your career.

    Success rate in Forex
    Having access to the online trading industry doesn’t mean you will become a successful trader. Majority of the brokerage firm are offering high leverage trading accounts to the retail traders but this doesn’t mean you will win all trades. You have to find the quality trades. According to the recent study, only 5% of the traders are successful. So if you want to shine brightly in the retail trading industry you need to trade like the expert UK traders. Being new to the exchange traded funds community has nothing do to with your profit factors. You can use the demo account and develop strong trading skills. As a financial instrument trader, you must trade this market with an extreme level of devotion.

    Start slowly in the beginning
    The first secret of running a marathon is to start slowly. Never try to show off your speed by running a sprint of 1 mile because it will take out all your energy. The slowly you start beginning your race, the more time you will have to store the energy. Remember you have to run for long miles, you need to preserve your energy to save yourself from going into a coma. When you open your first account do not rush into making money. Try to focus on the prices, major currency pairs, how news and information can change the trends and what are their impacts, how demo trading works and how you can develop your strategy and all these things. The first step in beginning your career is very hard as there are many fundamental things to develop. Do not give up and keep on learning the basics. The stronger you have grown your foundation, the more success you will have in your career. Just keep in mind not to finish all your juice in one go.

    Make a consistent profit in the middle
    After you have learned the basics, you should focus on making a consistent profit. It is not very hard and you can make such amount of money easily if you have the basic knowledge. Marathon traders run faster in the middle because they know they need to overcome this distance to the end. You also need to make a consistent profit to keep on trading with success.

    Slowly and steady wins the race
    At the end of your marathon career building, you will have known that slowly trading is the wisest way to make money. You do not take any rash decisions and your trades become more organized and perfect. You trade with big amounts and you become a master. All these are only possible when you take this trading industry for a long-time career building.

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