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    If you could go back and buy Priceline for $7.00, would you?

    Emerging Growth OTO Commerce Company
    What is O2O – Online to Offline? Click for Full Size image.
    Miami, FL / Accesswire / April 27, 2017 / Since TechCrunch.com, explained why O2O

    commerce is a Trillion Dollar Opportunity, it has been the dominant buzz, heard from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. While many have been able to capitalize on it, nobody has been able to perfect it.

    While there are no, “Trillion Dollar” companies, there are however Trillion Dollar industries. One of them is the Online to Offline commerce industry, or O2O. You could define it by saying, it is anything digital, that brings people to shop offline. Real world examples of this concept are Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ: GRPN), Open Table, which was acquired in June 2014 by The Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), and now infamous Uber, and it’s approaching $70 billion valuation.

    The writers who declared this a trillion-dollar industry, calculate it by stating that, the average American earns $40,000 per year and spends only 9% shopping online, leaving trillions of dollars floating around the local economy. This is great news for the local business owners but, the challenge they are faced with is how to ensure that it’s their business, that captures the sale?

    According to studies conducted by the Consumer Barometer, over 60% of buyers research products online before buying them offline, and this is the key to making the O2O industry a “Trillion Dollar” industry. If the merchants can capture potential customers, when they are researching a product, online, they can position themselves, to acquire that sale, offline.

    This is already a proven model among majors like Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY), Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), The Gap, Inc. (NYSE: GPS), Home Depo, Inc. (NYSE: HD) and many more. Their O2O platforms consists of purchasing online and picking up at the local store. This eliminates two burdens for consumers; first, it allows the consumer to touch, examine and if need be, try on the product prior to bringing it home, and second, it eliminates the hassle of online returns.

    So how do local merchants capitalize on this?

    The data and historical trends indicate an extremely lucrative opportunity for a company who can successfully bridge the online world with the offline.

    Enter Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCK). Just two weeks ago, Grey Cloak Tech completed the acquisition of ShareRails, a provider of online-to-offline (O2O) e-commerce services which was valued at over $6.4 million by Excel Management Systems.

    ShareRails transforms local retailers’ inventory data into rich digital content that is then indexed by Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and other search engines. The ShareRails O2O cloud platform offers retail merchants; inventory management, curation, and promotion features that can make products discoverable, drive foot traffic, and boost customer experience.

    This is how it’s done. Take the inventory of the local merchants and index it with the search engines. Now when the consumers are researching products online, they are doing it through the local merchants’ commerce platform.

    Grey Cloak Tech, Inc.’s (OTC Pink: GRCK) ShareRails creates digital product catalogs that enhance mall and merchant websites. Searchable Malls. The Shops at South Town is one of the most innovative shopping malls in Utah. Through the ShareRails’ O2O platform, they drive new customers to South Town mall stores and offer mall shoppers greater convenience, than shopping online.

    ShareRails’s latest work is an innovative web and mobile solution that connects consumers to a community of reputable Marie Claire stylists. Consumers receive personalized style recommendations and purchase directly through the shoppable content.

    Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCK), is posturing to become a major disruptor in this trillion-dollar O2O industry. Heading up GRCK, you’ll find Joseph Nejman, a Harvard graduate who served in a variety of business development roles at Google, as well as led the incubator at Google’s Eric Schmidt’s prominent venture capital firm, TomorrowVentures. Further, he sourced and led the investment in Marker Studios, which was acquired by Disney, (NYSE: DIS) for approximately $1 billion.

    With less than 75 million shares outstanding and a market cap of under $7 million, it’s hard to imagine the majors not competing for GRCK soon. Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCK) is an SEC, current, reporting, company which currently trades on the OTC market. It will be interesting to see how quickly the company can ramp up and take the industry by storm.

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