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    RT Minerals Corp. (TSX.V: RTM), (OTC: RTM), Announces High Grade Gold Assays from Norwalk Property and Drill Plan for Ballard Land Property

    Vancouver, B.C. – November 22, 2016 ‐ RT Minerals Corp. (TSX.V: RTM) (the “Company”) reports on surface grab sampling at the Company’s 100% optioned Norwalk property and further drilling plans at the Company’s 100% owned Ballard Lake Property, both near Wawa, Ontario.


    The Norwalk property is contiguous to the south boundary of the Wawa Gold Project, held by Red Pines Inc. Initial reconnaissance prospecting and surface sampling of historical mine dumps resulted submission of nine samples to Swastika Laboratories Ltd. for Gold fire assay. Total metallic fire assay was completed on over-limit samples 42756 and 42757. Gold assays are from the Norwalk vein and Gananoque Adit vein.

    Norwalk Vein

    Sample Number

    G/T Au

    Check Assay
    42751 0.96 n/a Quartz, 3-10% Pyrite and Arsenopyrite
    42752 5.92 n/a Quartz, 3-10% Pyrite and Arsenopyrite
    42753 7.30 n/a Quartz, 3-10% Pyrite and Arsenopyrite
    42754 6.19 n/a Quartz, 3-10% Pyrite and Arsenopyrite
    42755 0.57 n/a Quartz, 3-10% Pyrite and Arsenopyrite
    Gananoque Adit Vein

    Sample Number

    G/T Au

    Check Assay
    42756 70.00 63.80 Quartz Vein, 10% Pyrite
    42757 18.14 17.35 Quartz in Rhyolite, 7-10% Pyrite
    42758 1.84 n/a Strongly Carbonate Altered Metavolcanic Rock with 1-3% Pyrite
    42759 0.23 n/a Strongly Carbonate Altered Metavolcanic Rock with 1-3% Pyrite
    A drill program of five holes, up to 200 metres each is recommended on historical gold showings at Norwalk. A drill permit application was filed in the last 45 days and drilling will commence upon receipt of the drill permit and consultation with local First Nation communities.


    As outlined in the Company’s news release dated November 10, 2016, the Company has established potential for deep crustal or mantle tapping conduits on the Ballard Lake property, which is indicated by alkali ultramafic dikes and kimberlites on the property. The Company staked many exploration targets in the immediate area, and has increased the area of the Ballard Lake Property to 160 square kilometres (~15,970 hectares).

    RT Minerals Corp.’s Ballard Lake property includes two historical diamond-bearing kimberlite occurrences: GC1 (16 diamonds from 93.1 kg), and Fletch (6 diamonds from 51.48 kg). Diamond results were reported by Chalice Diamond Corp. in February 2008.

    RT Minerals Corp. has commenced regional compilation and will apply for an exploration permit on the new claims with objective to drill test known diamond bearing kimberlites and other potential kimberlite targets. It is anticipated that the permit will be secured in 60 days.

    The Ballard Lake property lies in the Wawa supracrustal belt of the Superior Craton, which is currently being explored by major and junior exploration companies for both gold and diamonds.

    Kevin Kivi, P.Geo., has extensive experience in the exploration for gold and diamonds in Canada. He is the Qualified Person for the Company’s Norwalk and Ballard Lake properties and approves the technical content of this press release.


    Paul Antoniazzi

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    RT Minerals Corp.

    Telephone: 604-681-3170

    Fax: 604-681-3552

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