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    Penny stocks are regular shares of little open organizations that exchange at low costs per share. In the United States, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) characterizes a penny stock as a security that exchanges underneath $5-per-share, is not recorded on a national trade, and neglects to meet other particular criteria.In the United Kingdom, stocks estimated under £1 are called penny offers.

    Many penny stocks, especially those that exchange for divisions of a penny, are daintily exchanged. They can turn into the objective of stock promoters and controllers. These controllers first buy huge amounts of stock, then misleadingly blow up the share cost through false and deceiving positive explanations. This is alluded to as a “pump and dump” plot. The pump and dump is a type of microcap stock extortion.

    Blue chips and enormous tech stocks increased more ground than little tops and penny stocks in February, yet political occasions have kept this market corner stuffed with theoretical enthusiasm. In particular, the Trump organization upheld off from forceful assaults on biotech and pharmaceutical valuing works on, permitting numerous lesser biotech stocks to draw in noteworthy purchasing interest.

    Technology stocks have been one of only a handful couple of brilliant spots in a generally disappointing income season. While the higher evaluated Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (FANG) stocks have been sending the tech division higher, there are a substantial number of awesome innovation. penny stocks to watch that have been beating the business sectors and, because of their more acceptable passage level, could give financial specialists strong picks up in the second 50% of 2016 and 2017.

    Gold Standard Ventures Corp.: $2.61
    ​MobileIron Inc.: $4.80
    ​Zosano Pharma Corp.: $2.65
    Pulmatrix Inc.: $4.10


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