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      There are lots of people who want to trade the market and make a lot of money. These people think that they can trade the market for any pairs of currency they want and make their fortune. Many people do not have that fortune and they think of trading with a commodity. Commodity trading in Forex is becoming very popular though there are risks in a commodity. The commodity is the oil and gold in Forex and these commodities can be also traded on this market. When most people like to stay out of commodity trading, we know there will always a group of people willing to take risks and invest their money I oil and gold. You will always hear that not to invest in commodity but you not find the reason why not to invest. This article will tell you why you should not trade with Forex commodity. It can help you in your career when you are thinking to make a change in your career by trading with the commodity.

      Some traders often get frustrated with making profit consistently. You might be surprised to hear this statement but if you ask the professional traders everyone will agree to this. So when you start making a profit on a regular basis you need to look for professional investors in Australia. According to statistics, every multi-millionaire in the world has at least 7 unique sources of income. So instead of depending on trading business alone, you should utilize your trading profit and look for professional investors to increase your potential earning.

      Some of you might say that it’s really hard to get Forex investors in Australia and indeed it’s true. But if you do some research then you will find great many angel investors who will give you a huge sum of money to trade only if you can show them verified the trading record. So with other people money, you can easily multiply your profit while trading the gold and oils with your Forex trading account Australia.

      The prices are very volatile
      The prices of oil and gold are very volatile in the world market. If you look at the price of oil in the world, you will find these prices are changing every hour. These prices are not going to tell you what is the next price will be for your oil. You cannot also predict the markets. The volatilities are unpredictable and many professional traders had lost their money. We know that you have been thinking you will trade the market in a different way and you can have a different result. This commodity market is very hard for traders to understand and make the profit. Even if you make the profit, you cannot make this profit in the long run consistently. The amount of hard work that you are going to give in commodity trading is better to give in currency trading in Forex.

      Information is the key
      In every market of trading, you will need some information that can tell you from where to start. In the commodity market, you will not get much information. People who trade with commodity does not give educational courses to the traders and most professionals do not trade with oil and gold. You do not have the chance that you will know what to do in your commodity market. This market is risky and when the information is not known to you, you will be trading without knowing and there will be the loss of your money.

      Not good for professional career
      Every trader wants to transform their career into a professional career after they can make consistent profit in Forex. When you are trading with commodity, it is very hard and you will be always at risk of losing your money. It is better if you get this idea of oil and gold trading out of your mind and focus on currency pairs trading. And make sure that you invest your profit in other business sectors to reduce your risk exposure.

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