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    Friendable Inc.’s (OTC Pink: FDBL), Fan Pass Live “Coming January 2017.” Exclusive, Live, Uncut, Uncensored Celebrity Content

    Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL), has invested heavily over the last several months to ensure Fan Pass (http://www.fanpasslive.com and http://www.fanpass.live) is Robust, user-friendly and appealing to their target audience.

    Fan Pass, http://www.fanpasslive.com and http://www.fanpass.live, is designed to provide performing artists and celebrities with the opportunity to broadcast live, exclusive, uncut, and uncensored content to subscribers of their channel in real time. Upon its release, the platform will enable a unique and powerful connection between performing artists, athletes, celebrities, agents and their existing base of social media followers and fans by providing real-time access to events that would typically only be experienced by insiders, or individuals with VIP, on-location access.

    Robert A. Rositano Jr., Friendable, Inc. CEO, stated, “The Fan Pass brand is expected to capture the essence of this new category of live, interactive broadcasting and the power of leveraging exclusive, premium content with an existing base of social media followers and fans. We believe Fan Pass, by coupling existing connections between millions of loyal social media users and the celebrities they follow with a platform to access live, engaging and exclusive content, will be uniquely positioned to develop recurring monthly revenue streams for both the company and the celebrities.”

    Fan Pass is expected to feature exclusive, uncut and uncensored video streaming of celebrity events such as recording studio sessions, behind-the-scenes action on music video sets, special interviews and backstage access before, during or after events to provide the ultimate fan experience.

    Friendable’s path to revenue with Fan Pass includes monetizing social media fans and followers of celebrities through a multi-level subscription based platform.

    Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL is looking forward to a strong conversion rate, as each celebrity or artist will be required to market their Broadcaster channel to their social media fans and followers, further, generating subscription revenue based on conversion.

    Celebrities that Friendable has had previous or existing relationships with have, upwards of 20-50 million social media followers.

    Austin Mahone, a singer / songwriter that Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) has worked with previously has 13 million fans on Facebook alone. If he were to convert only 2% of them with a revenue sharing monthly subscription of $1.99, that alone, would generate over $500,000.00 per month.

    Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) is working to secure commitments from celebrity artists as they move closer to launch and will announce these commitments as they are received.

    Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he is “obsessed” with live streaming.

    Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR), and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) have recently jumped on the live video bandwagon, and with contracts to stream live NFL games, Bloomberg TV, and the Democratic and Republic conventions one could say they are thriving.

    Twitter, Inc. quietly purchased Periscope for just under $100 million in early 2015.

    As of August 12, 2015, Periscope had only 10 million users and 2 million daily active users.

    Can a small company like Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) break into the space and further, become an acquisition target? Some might say no, but they probably forgot that Friendable also gained access to 8 million users who have signed up to utilize Hang W/’s live streaming video technology as part of its investment commitment and Hang With, Inc. technology acquisition approximately two weeks ago.

    Could this be what pushes Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) over the top?

    Could they be the next social media takeover candidate?

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