Penny Picks Poll #2
Do you use your smartphone to trade stocks?

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Penny Picks likes to conduct informative polls for our users. We learn a lot from the results once it reaches 1000 poll results. From the results we create certain pages for our users that correlate with the poll results.

TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. AMTD, for example has a platform tailored exclusively for smartphone, tablet, traders.

The GenX generation is leading the charge with using tablets on the go for trading stocks, however, brokers are reporting more mistakes as well from traders that accidently send in the wrong order, and, for on your heals trading, sometimes that order won't go through if the wifi or cellular connection is bad. Many of these traders were the laptop, sitting at Starbucks types, and since 2013 smartphones have been dominating, which shows the average trader is not likely to be sitting in their home, staring at their laptop or desktop watching the fluctuation in the share price from opening bell to closing bell.

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