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2017 Boom?!

Could 2017 be a record for penny stock profits! Some indications seem to be pointing this way. PennyPicks.com has been around for almost 20 years and has witness the good and the bad. We believe 2017 could be a comeback year for penny stocks. Get on our
penny stock newsletter ASAP so we may alert you what penny stock company could have a breakout, when it possibly could, why it could, where it will be located far as the sector.

Medical Marijuana Penny Stocks

Is medical marijuana really going to be the cats meow? It certainly is getting all the buzz lately. Coming soon we will list roughly 5 potential Med-Juana companies that could catch fire – or go up in smoke.

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Penny Picks Latest News

Penny Picks Latest News

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  • Star Topic Alert: Great new stock forum topic was added by one of our forums participants; Stop-Loss Orders on Penny Stocks. Read it and chime min on your thoughts, keep the topic going with relative content only.

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Stock Trading Contest

Penny Picks (pick A winner) contest will be starting March 2016. Go head-to-head with other investors in a simulated stock trading contest. The winner gets bragging rights! And a feature profile on our message boards as the best.

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